Applying for grants

Scholarship applications are prepared in the application form on the foundation's website (grant application), from which they are forwarded for processing electronically.

The application system is open only during the application period. The application can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The application can also be prepared on a form template (PDF file) that can be printed from the foundation's website. Printed paper forms are also available at the Academy's premises. Paper forms must be sent by post to the foundation's address:

Selim Eskelinin säätiö
c/o Ari Mäkelä
Mechelininkatu 44 A 18
00250 Helsinki

The application period starts annually on the 1st September and ends in October on a date specified in the annual application instructions. Applications submitted as letter must also follow the same schedule, i.e. they must reach the recipient no later than the last day of the application period. Late applications will not be considered . On the last day of the application period, the application can also be delivered directly to the representative of the foundation in the address mentioned above.

The grant can be awarded to the same applicant a maximum of three times. This can also happen in consecutive years. The recipient of the grant must provide a statement of use of the grant.

A student can get a grant to develop his skills for the following purposes, for example:

  • for studying with a singing teacher or collaborative pianist
  • for masterclass
  • for studying languages
  • for studying opera roles and oratorio soloist tasks
  • to the costs of participating in a single competition, travel and accommodation costs (in part)
  • for notations
  • for the purchase of a tablet computer
  • to cover living expenses during studies

The foundation does not grant grants:

  • for performance outfits
  • for the purchase or repairs of musical instruments
  • for producing recordings
  • to the costs of organizing concerts or concert series
  • for the payment of the salary or fees of the choir or orchestra

Instructions for the applicant

Attachments in the application must be PDF files. Image or sound files will not be accepted, but performances or productions can be referenced by attaching a link to the online material to the application

Do not attach to the application certificates of degrees completed at SibA.

Do not attach references to the application. Check out the instructions on the page "Instructions for recommenders". Recommendations sent by the applicant himself will not be taken into account.

The scholarship board appreciates:

  • A well-reasoned, concise application, where the facts are correct and the language is clear.
  • Recommendations and study success are in the right proportion to each other.
  • The amount of the grant applied for is reasonable in relation to the justified need.
  • The application only contains such attachments that are directly related to the reasons for the application.